Rachel Tess, Tim Matiakis

US US / US ELSE / ELSE US / ELSE ELSE is an immersive contemporary dance performance for two dancers and a musician over the duration of four hours as well as an integrated installation to be experienced both before and after the performance.

From our conception we are predetermined to a certain type of pulse for our manifestation in the world. Our heartbeat in the womb is 135 beats per minute. This is the same beats per minute that DJs use to lead a floor full of dancing people into a state of euphoria. Subsequently, bouncing up and down has the potential to lead us into several states of experience; from relaxed and content, as when you bounce a baby to sleep, to euphoric and transcendental, as when you bounce to the beat, in the midst of many, at a party. Our bodies use motion to generate experiences.

Transformation through repetition is the guiding choreographic practice that informs all aspects of the work, from dance, sound, and space, and all the way to the audience relationship in the form of kinesthetic empathy as the choreographic principle for the meeting between performer and audience.

The performance will be created by an internationally renowned artist duo consisting of choreographers and dancers Tim Matiakis and Rachel Tess in collaboration with musician and composer Ulrich Ruchlinski and lighting designer Jacob Bjerregaard. 

Us Us / Us Else / Else Us / Else Else accentuates the internal and external experiences produced by diving into a pulse, creating a choreography that merges and multiplies performer and audience. Throughout the performance the dancers invest in the interconnections between themselves, the audience, the music, and the space and creating a choreographic situation that the audience can interact with on their own terms.

The installatory part of the work, which takes place in the period before and after the performance part, invites the audience to experience, with their own body, how the transformation of one’s own experience occurs through repetition. The repeated insistence on constant rotation and the transformative logic of the sound universe will create an experience of continuous changeability and ephemerality, creating a sense of decentration and disintegration of the self.

Performance days will be announced very soon

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Rachel Tess, Tim Matiakis








Choreography and dancers: Tim Matiakis og Rachel Tess. Composition, music and live-performance: Ulrich Ruchlinski. Light design: Jacob Bjerregaard. Technical responsible: Kasper Riisberg. Producer: Peter William Friborg Larsen. Concept: Tim Matiakis in collaboration with the artistic team. Production: KINISI. Photo: Mathias Broe & Kim Bech. Trailer: Mathias Broe

Thanks to Forsøgsstationen, MARC, Dansstationen, Statens Kunstfond, Beckett-Fonden, William Demant Fonden, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, Knud Højgaads Fond, Augustinus Fonden