Erik Eriksson
Tools for tinkering

Erik’s teaching gradually guides the participants through increasingly complex and intense interactions with their own bodies and minds, various objects, and other people in a class that resembles a mix of Scandinavian-Baltic dance parties, furniture moving, quiet meditation and a flowing moshpit. 

We explore what it takes for a human body to move: endurance, stamina, strength, mobility, power, speed, coordination, agility, accuracy and balance. How these capacities affect the way a body responds to environmental loads and the consequent adaptations. The class aims at providing a framework of general movement principles that can be practically applied to any specific situation or experience a dancer may encounter. Principles that also can be used as tools for structuring an individual physical practice, relevant for a dancers personal path and goals. 

We encourage you to continue looking after yourself & each other and arrive to practice with a valid corona pass.


Erik Eriksson


Tools for tinkering




1.31 – 2.4.2022, 10:00


2 hours


Teaterøen Refshalevej 320 1432 København


Photo by M.M Malkich