Mute Comp. Physical Theater
The Strike of No Thought

Blood is raging in the frothing storm – but in the eye of the tornado, it is quiet as snow. Philosophical and challenging physical theater by Kasper Ravnhøj inspired by the artist, strategist and legendary samurai Miyamoto Musashi. His masterpiece; The Book of Five Rings has inspired the world regardless of beliefs and worldviews – from Japanese businessmen to European philosophers.

Kasper Ravnhøj is strong physicality, poetry and speed. His works reflect his eclectic worldview and his fascination of man’s ability to make silly obstructions for himself and curious choices in pursue of happiness and satisfaction.


Mute Comp. Physical Theater


The Strike of No Thought




4.29–30.2016 + 5.2–7 + 5.9–12.2016


Large Stage, Tap E


KONCEPT/CHOREOGRAPHY: Kasper Ravnhøj assisted by Elisa Kragerup. LIVEMUSIC: Juan Pino. DANCE: Kasper Ravnhøj, Noora Hannula, Elin Signy Weywandt Ragnarsdottir, Sang-Hun Lee. SET DESIGN: Johan Kølkjær. COSTUMES: Johan Kølkjær and Sophie Bellin Hansen. LIGHT DESIGN: Michael Breiner.