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11 street dancers plus singers and musicians tell the urban west-side-story about Johan and Roya, about love, unity, courage and the rough realities of street life. The Revenge of the Streets digs into the ongoing debate about ‘them and us’.

The revenge of the Streets is urban performing arts by the hottest names of today: directed by the hip-hop icon Steen Koerner, lyrics by rapper Clemens, Nico De Frost creates the music, the graffiti artists CMP ONE and SWET create the set design and 11 of the best young urban dancers from Copenhagen and Næstved embody the story live on stage.

Produced by Steen Koerner Studio in collaboration with Næstved Ungdomsskole and supported by Augustinus Fonden and Wilhelm Hansen Fonden.


Director Steen Koerner is well known for his contemporary take on classic stories. He started his career as a self-taught robotic dancer in 1982, and traveled the world already at an age of 14 to take up battle with the best from Berlin, London, Paris and New York. He has since been a driving force in the urban-arts community and was in 2004 awarded The Hip Hop Lifetime Achievement Award.

It is however as a director that Steen Koerner is best known. His version of The Nut Cracker brought him The Theatre Award, The Danish Arts Councils 3 years work grant and earned him a place in the Danish Cultural Canon. He has since directed more than 15 plays, among these Sylfiden with Stephen Scott and Henrik Vibskov, Human Robot with Saul Williams and numerous performances for Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark.

Steen Koerner is also publishing books, making TV and has an on going collaboration with the Danish/Islandic artist Olafur Eliasson.


Steen Koerner Studio is an urban art company engaging in dance, music, poetry, graffiti, art film, architecture, city space development – and first and foremost theatre.
We’re driven by a desire to learn and develop through experiments, projects and co-operations, based on the ideas from Gesamtkunst …

Steen Koerner Studio is based on the artistic work of Steen Koerner; director, choreographer, concept developer and originally emerging from street dance and an urban environment. Steen founded the company together with Philip Johnsen, who’s been working with Steen since early days, today being the owner of the company. Louise Seibæk, administrative director, is the new kid on the block in the company (2015) – but has been involved in big and small in contemporary dance in DK and abroad, as the director of Dansescenen for many years.

Steen Koerner Studio is based in Copenhagen, and from here we cooperate with companies and art institutions on art and theatre projects both nationally and internationally. On top of this we publish books on various of our projects, create education projects and collaborate with a.o. Olafur Eliasson.


Steen Koerner studio




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