Hooman Sharifi
The Dead Live On In Our Dreams

“The Dead Live On In Our Dreams”, is a solo by the acknowledged choreographer Hooman Sharifi (NO). In “The Dead Live On In Our Dreams”, Hooman explores how one’s origin and identity can be manipulated and how we make the future by changing our past. 
 live on 

in our 
 is a stage production with Persian live music by Arash Moradi, dance and storytelling. Each element is bound to the past, folk culture and his personal story.  

“I want to make pictures we are not used to. I want to discuss origins and identity. I want to confront the nationalistic state of mind, the picture of us and them, and who 
are. I want to make us stop talking about origins as it explains everything. I don’t want to operate with such ideas about identity. It’s extremely important for me working with this right now.”  

There appears to be just as many realities as people. No one has the right to tell anyone what is right and what is wrong. Everyone is entitled to their own understanding of reality. The distance between us has become steadily wider, yet the world has become smaller. There are more and more of us, which means that we have less space and fewer resources to share. So we have to get closer to each other, we have to coexist. To create situations in which we as fellow citizens actively choose to engage in dialogue with each other. Impure Company wants to provide a space where we can share and try out different realities. 


Hooman Sharifi


The Dead Live On In Our Dreams




  • 3.18.2023, 20:00
  • 3.19.2023, 17:00


1 hour


Dansekapellet, Bispebjerg Torv 1, 2400 København


CHOREOGRAPHY, DIRECTION AND LIGHT: Hooman Sharifi DANCE: Hooman Sharifi MUSICIAN: Arash Moradi SOUND: Terje Wessel Øverland LIGHTS: Martin Myrvold PRODUCER: Rikke Baewert CO-PRODUCERS: Montpellier Danse