Noah Hellwig
Multiplex Realities

Multiplex  Realities is two short performances working with imagination, senses and virtual reality technology to perceive multiple perceptions and layers of reality simultaneously. It works on a sensorial and social level during a one-to-one meeting between the performer and the audience.

Multiplex Realities is two different performances working on the same theme. They are performed in two separate “rooms” called “Room F” and “Room V”. Each “room” is led by a performer which will meet one audience member at a time. Each “room” works as an independent performance from the other, but they together creates the full universe of Multiplex Realities.
Because of the use of a virtual reality headgear in one of the “rooms”, the audience is kindly asked to avoid wearing glasses if possible.


Noah Hellwig


Multiplex Realities




3.31 – 4.1.2017


Choreographer: Noah Hellwig Performers: Disa Krosness and Noah Hellwig Music: Miranda Abrahamsson Virtual Reality Design: Johann Prell – Vobling