Adriano Wilfert Jensen, Linda Blomqvist
Talk: After a collective breakfast in bed – a tête-à-tête

Talk | February 28th | 5 – 7.30PM | på Huset-KBH

Linda and Adriano met at PAF in 2012, and formed a friendship that sparked a fruitful collaboration over the years. In 2014, together with Emma Daniel and Anna Gaiotti, they initiated a platform for dance practitioners called Indigo Dance. Under the umbrella of Indigo Dance they have co-curated festivals, study circles, and published a magazine. The two of them have also engaged in performances by Mårten Spångberg, alongside creating works of their own.

10 years after the start of Indigo Dance, they meet again to discuss their artistic trajectories and shared interests for emotionality, relations, community and care. Together they will unpack what was driving their decisions around Indigo Dance and will further open up a conversation about the current landscape of the field and what it might need today. 

In Copenhagen, you can participate in classes this week with Linda who is part of Sustainable Dance Training:

Linda Blomqvist / Dancing with pleasure and precision / February 26- March 1st, 10:00-11:30

February 27th, you can join the workshop “Play as a beacon for jovial exploration – moving beyond what we know” at DDSKS further education 2-5PM, book your spot here.

Welcome to a gathering for professional discussions about artistic practice in the field of dance and choreography. We will meet at Huset Kbh, where we’ll start with collegial mingling and a drink in the café, and then continue with a professional session facilitated by the guest of the day. The conversations will be in English. There will be an opportunity to continue the discussions in the café after the event.


Adriano Wilfert Jensen, Linda Blomqvist


Talk: After a collective breakfast in bed – a tête-à-tête




2.28.2024, 17:00


2 hours 30 minutes


Huset-KBH, Rådhusstræde 13, 1466 København