Ta’ fat om dansen – Unge på vej

What Do You Think

Dansefyrtårn ROK’s large young bet ‘What Do You Think’ with the world premier to the spring 2017 is going ahead.

So what are you actually thinking about when you are young? And what do you think about… well everything?

Aaben Dans brings together Belgian scene force and Danish teenagers between 13-18 year old on the stage in the dance and performance show ‘What Do You Think’? A performance that focuses on a selected group of teenagers’ thoughts about large and small – added a twist of the choreographer Hendrik Lebons own leaning approach.

In April 2016, ROK held an audition and selected 7 talented and exiting young dancers between 13 and 18 years old and from total different movement backgrounds – a big plus for the Belgian choreograph Hendrik Lebon, who is behind the performance ‘What Do You Think.’ The performance produces professionally in cooperation with Aaben Dans in Roskilde.

‘What Do You Think’ is a part of Unge på vej at Dansefyrtårn ROK and the nation-wide project, Ta’ fat om dansen, that is led by Dansehallerne and supported by Nordea-fonden (2014-2017). Dansefyrtårn ROK is moreover supported by Kulturregion Midt- og Vestsjælland.




Ta’ fat om dansen – Unge på vej


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