Annika Kompart
Switch Off and Dance

Balter = to dance gracelessly, without particular art or skill, but perhaps with some enjoyment (middle English)

Therefore, Switch Off & Dance

Dance has certainly been an important part in our cultural history and had a fundamental role in earlier ceremonies, rituals, celebrations, and furthermore, it has been and still is a method of entertainment, healing and expression. One hour, You can dance all your favourite moves, without thinking about, what others might think about You, because it is dark.

Half an hour before the darkness, you will have the opportunity to participate a warm up, to sense your moving body, guided by Annika Kompart.

There is no need to be professional, no need to bring a dance partner, no need for special dance cloth or shoes, no need to be rich, because it is free and even no need to drink alcohol to be courageous.

Therefore, make a move and be part of Switch Off & Dance.

Be a part of the official Facebook group where you can see and add music suggestions to the one-hour playlist.

Concept and organisation by Annika Kompart.

Inspired and experienced by the concept of No Lights No Lycra, founded by two Australian women in 2009.


Annika Kompart


Switch Off and Dance


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