Stories yet to be told

We hereby invite you to the first peer event (Peer to Peer) in 2022 with Danish Dance Stories.

Based on the three symposiums held in spring 2021, we invite you to celebrate the launch of the 18 new stories at In conversation with artists Stine Frandsen and Carolina Beckman, moderated by dance researcher Karen Vedel, we will dive into topics of the project, such as participatory archiving, oral storytelling, and embodied historiography.  


Stories yet to be told


Peer to Peer


8.2.2022, 16:00


2 hours


Union, Nørre Allé 7, 2200 København N


BEHIND STORIES YET TO BE TOLD 2021 Initiators and organizers: Stine Frandsen, Nanna Stigsdatter, Andrea Deres and Carolina Bäckman Hosts: Stine Frandsen, Andrea Deres and Carolina Bäckman Web programming and podcast: Rasmus Cleve Christensen Graphic design: Studio Jacob Grønbech Jensen Mentor: Karen Vedel Supported by The Danish Arts Council Co-production with Aaben Dans, Teater Momentum and Åbne Scene