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Sisters 11 years later

“The whole thing is so masterly done, and I don’t remenber if a was breathing during the whole performance, I just remember that something took strongely hold of my hart and kept me tight…”
Helle Østvik, Finnmark Dagblad.

In 2003 Haugen Productions made Sisters. This performance was shown 180 times and seen by more than 25,000 audiences of all ages throughout Norway. Sisters 11 years later is the independent follow up in the story of close family and sisterhood.

Now 11 years later the sisters Liv Hanne and Anne Katrine are still dancing, and ask themselves and their five remaining aunts; how is life now? What has the meeting with death – through the loss of a mother and a sister – done with us? A wish to once more take a close look into family structures, now with focus on aging, loss and death as a natural part of a life, is the motivation behind the personal story; Sisters 11 years later.

The performance exists of film, installation-art, music, text and dance.

After the performance on the 2nd of march 2017 there will be a concert and a film on the foyerstage.

“She Has a Marvelous Being” – short video-dance-clip with Liv Hanne Haugen
Director: Anne Katrine Kallmoes / Production: Jørgen Vestergård

Liv Hanne Haugen / vocal & Jørgen Teller with electric raga


Haugen Productions


Sisters 11 years later






Small Stage, Tap E


Idea and concept / Anne Katrine Haugen og Liv Hanne Haugen Scenography / Lawrence Malstaf Music / Erik Stifjell Film / Hilde Korsæth, Film Sisters 2003 / Knut Skoglund Artistic assistance / Jon Tombre Photo / Nicolas Tourrenc Co Production / Dansens Hus, Nasjonal scene for dans Premiered / at Dansens Hus, Oslo Norway May 9th 2014.

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Dansens Hus Norway
Dansearena Nord – Dance in the Norwegian Arctic