Anna Moderato, Karis Zidore, Olivia Riviere

In Shriller two girls go about their day in a strange way, following an inner voice. As they waste the night away their interiors start pushing outwards, poking through the cracks, and things begin to unravel. Through frenzied vibrations and shrill episodes, the scenes bring us closer and closer to a feeling of startling vulnerability.

The soundtrack, the insistent tremolo song, the manner of humming, the sound of stuff being thrown about and their jerky movements lead us towards melodrama. Yet it all somehow lands in a heartfelt place. The visceral singing vibrates in our eardrums and lulls us towards the inevitable end – a joyful destruction.

“Shriller brings you face to face with the stuff of real
life thrown slam-bang into frenzied vibrations – an ear
piercing and eye popping melodrama”

Shriller is a collaboration between choreographer Olivia Rivière, choreographer/musician Karis Zidore and visual artist Anna Moderato – it’s a play between bodies, voices and things where each element inhabits the other.


Anna Moderato, Karis Zidore, Olivia Riviere






8.26–28.2022, 20:00


1 hour


Copenhagen Contemporary, Refshalevej 173A, 1432 København K


Concept: Olivia Rivière, Karis Zidore and Anna Moderato Choreography and performance: Olivia Rivière and Karis Zidore Scenography: Anna Moderato Music and sound design: Karis Zidore Light design: David Nicolas Abad Costumes: Olivia Rivière Sound consultant: Kristian Alexander Dramaturgical support: Naja Lee Jensen, Alma Söderberg, Frida Sandström, Kai Merke, Lydia Hauge Sølvberg Residency: Bikubenfonden/HAUT, Lunga (Island), Polo Cultural Gaivotas (Lissabon) Administration: Projektcenteret (Dansehallerne) Co-production: Dansehallerne PR-photos: Michella Bredahl PR-image: Anna Moderato, original photo by Michella Bredahl Image of hand bag: Anna Moderato Trailer: Karis Zidore Thanks to Frederik Heideman (flute), Misia Julia Czarnecka-Meyer (harp), Noë Struck (cello) and Lunga for sound recordings in Seydisfjordur church