Edhem Jesenkovic

The promise land – wherever it is
With the performance Republica Edhem Jesenković looks back on an otherwise repressed period of his life. A time dominated by uncertainty and fear. Back to the 90s where the Balkan wars broke out, he was on the run and the life he had lived so far, was in ruins.
“The experience of escaping war and the existential crisis associated with having to reinvent myself, will resonate in me for the rest of my life. Here … many years after, it has been necessary for me to look back at the experiences and come to terms with the consequences they have had on the reality I am part of now.
As the current refugee disaster exploded, it became clear to me that Republica couldn’t merely tell my own personal story, but had to embrace all others in the same situation – everyone fleeing from one life to another. ” Edhem Jesenković

Isolation on Small Stagel
Republica is a raw and bleak portrait of a migrant’s inner struggle. A never ending battle with oneself. As a symbol of this, Edhem Jesenkovic will isolate himself in the performance space, Small Stage, around the clock, during the performance period. As a live installation, audience members are invited to continuously visit him in his limbo.

Edhem Jesenković was born and raised in Bosnia-Herzegovina. In 1993 he emigrated to Sweden, where he discovered dance. His career took off when he in 1999 graduated from the Royal Swedish Ballet School.

He is now based in Copenhagen and has spent the last decade working with some of the most renowned choreographers and dance companies.

Edhem Jesenkovic has a portfolio of acclaimed performances behind him including: M.E.N, 4 Times Hundred and the piece Dilemma of Obedience, which was performed by Danish Dance Theatre dancers and nominated for a Reumert Award for best dance performance of the year.


The installation will be open to audience members from February 3. – 7.  2015 during Dansehallerne´s opening hours from 10.00 am until one hour before the performance starts. The performance Republika requires a ticket, however a ticket for the installation is not necessary.

Note that the performance is mainly enjoyed standing and that there will be brief use strobe lights during the show.


Edhem Jesenkovic




Public program




Small Stage, Tap E


Concept, choreography and performance: Edhem Jesenković Composer: Edhem Jesenkovic Light and sound design: Søren Knud PR: Kir Qvortrup Graphic design: Malene Henssel Production: Project Center Supported by: Danish Arts Council and the Augustinus Foundation Read more at: edhemjesenkovic.com