Antoinette Helbing, Taneli Törmä

Re-Dream – the dilemma and beauty of dreams

Dreams of the future can help us, and prevent us, from living the life we want.
“People have way too many dreams – they just become unhappy.” (Antoinette)
“My childhood dreams were full of passion – I am bringing this beauty back into my life as an adult man.” (Taneli)
Two highly personal dance solos dealing with a universal theme in a tragic-comic expression.

Antoinette is a German dancer and choreographer based in Copenhagen. Her movement language is contemporary and task driven. She often uses text to add layers to her performances.

Taneli is a Finnish dance and video artist based in Odense. He comes from classical ballet but has moved on into the contemporary field. His expression is often vigorous and poetic.
They are both humorous artist with a profound honesty. In Re-Dream they are exploring and revealing their different ways of dealing with dreams of the future.


Antoinette Helbing, Taneli Törmä






Large Stage, Tap E

Teaterøen Refshalevej 320 1432 København