Klar Utke Ács
Cotillion Compost

These classes are gatherings for nearly forgotten phrases, mumbled manifestos, vague choreographies, broken spells, pauses in writing and other phantoms of dance histories. I will facilitate a space where we can let dance materials decompose and let curiosities in embodiment and ambient storytelling arise. The classes will consist of movement, meditation and writing as means to hold the processes of composting dances. As a part of this daily process I will offer insights into some of my artistic research and methods that touches upon auto-fictional landscaping and social choreographies.

The work will be adjusted according to the abilities of the group and individuals.

The training is adapted to accessibility standards and is accessible to dancers with visual impairment, but unfortunately not with impaired hearing. The training is held in English, but language is not an obstacle to participation. Wheelchair access.

We encourage you to continue looking after yourself & each other, and will no longer check corona passes at training, only your tickets 😉

Filming June 9th

At this event, Thursday 9th of June, Dansehallerne will record video footage for promotional purposes. The aim is to capture the activities that are part of the membership at Dansehallerne, and furthermore, to capture the community vibes of being a member of Dansehallerne.
It is possible to freely choose which parts of the training session you want to be filmed, and which you don’t, and we completely respect that. If you do not wish to consent to any video footage, we respect that too.
Therefore, we ask all participants who agree to be filmed to sign a consent form, in which you agree to rights and obligations attached to the use of the material. We will go through this simple form and make sure that you feel well-informed. The video footage will not be sold to any third parties unless the people who can be identified in the video approve.

As a thank you for your participation, we want to give you something back. Therefore, from 12.30-13.00, the videographer will be available for you. We give you the opportunity to get your own video footage (raw material). If you are interested, please let us know in advance so that we can plan it in the best way possible. This material will not be used by Dansehallerne.


Klar Utke Ács


Cotillion Compost




7.–10.6.2022, 10:00


2 hours


FORSØGSSTATIONEN, Sønder Boulevard 81, 1720 København V


Andros Zins-Brownes Remainders (Close Encounters) photo by Nønne Maj Svalholm (Echoes) photo by Märta Thisner, scenography and costume by Tove Dreiman