Merel Heering
Practicing Positionality, Dance dramaturgy

Dance dramaturge Merel Heering aims to contribute to a more ethically just performing arts field through the way she practices dance dramaturgy.

For this workshop she proposes to practice positionality together and to study the way it is an inherent and crucial aspect of deepening and further developing one’s dramaturgical practice.

One way to define positionality is: “Positionality is the social and political context that creates your identity in terms of f.e. race, class, gender, sexuality, and ability status. Positionality also described how your identity influences, and potentially biases, your understanding of and outlook on the world. “ (Gender and sexuality dictionary, August 23, 2018).

Practicing Positionality is the third out of four workshops that aims to inspire artists in their practice and to contribute to a nuanced discussion on dance dramaturgy in Denmark.

The workshop series is put together by dance dramaturg Ida-Elisabeth Larsen and is realized in collaboration with DDSKS Further Education as well as the hosting venues.

The workshop is designed to learn with and from each other, as we need each other to raise our awareness around the way our specific social position, heritage, world view, privileges and lived experiences impact our vision and actions.

It impacts the people we choose to work with, the references we bring in, the way we give feedback, the vocabulary we use, what we believe to be urgent and of ‘good quality’, what we believe ‘makes sense’ and who we envision to be a work’s audience and more.

Practicing positionality also includes looking critically at our intuitions and our personal triggers. According to Merel, practicing positionality is not only urgent in itself. It is also the groundwork she believes we should be doing, in order to carry and progress the systemic change needed in our field, such as anti-racism work, fighting the gender binary and creating a more socially just professional field overall.

The workshop addresses anyone who sees themselves working within the field of dance and choreography (fx. emerging or established artists, technicians, producers, programmers etc.) 

Participants are kindly asked to bring the following

  • Comfortable clothes that enables you to move around a bit and to sit on the floor. 
  • Warm socks!
  • There will be refreshments during the day, but please bring your own lunch
  • Materials to make notes on or doodle /draw during the day.
  • An object or something else that for the participant resonates with the following words: Being seen. I see you. Recognizing yourself. (credit: this task is inspired by journalist and writer Clarice Cargard)
  • A book or book title / insta-post or account / podcast / youtube link or any other source that has thusfar been important in enlarging your understanding of your position in the world.


15th-17nd of November, 2023 at KU.BE, Dirch Passers Alle 4, 2000 Frederiksberg
Wed-Fri: 10:00-15:00 (incl. short lunchbreak)

NB! Members of Dansehallerne may receive a 50% reduction on the workshop fee (first come first served). Reserve your spot through DDSKS Further Education here.


During 2023-24, 6 European dramaturgs are invited to Denmark to facilitate workshops in Copenhagen, Roskilde, Aarhus and Thy.

Through 4 practice-oriented workshops, and with themes such as positionality, feminism, trans-speculative fiction, ecology and exhibition, this workshop series aims to inspire artists in their practice and to contribute to a nuanced discussion on dance dramaturgy in Denmark.

The workshop series is put together by dance dramaturg Ida-Elisabeth Larsen and is realized in collaboration with Efteruddannelsen and Dansehallerne as well as the hosting venues Aaben Dans, BoraBora and Studio Q&A.

The workshop and space is accessible to participants with physical and/or sight impairment, but unfortunately not hearing impairment.


Merel Heering


Practicing Positionality, Dance dramaturgy



Dates & Venues

  • 15.11.2023, 10:00
  • 16.11.2023, 10:00
  • 17.11.2023, 10:00


5 hours

The Danish National School of Performing Arts
Aaben Dans (en)
Bora Bora (en)