Andreas Haglund
NB: NEW DATE & venue / Peer to Peer

How to organize in the face of dance-crisis! Dancers of the field unite! 
This evening choreographer and dancer Andreas Haglund will host a dialog together with choreographer / artistic director of Wired Studio, Simone Wierød, and dance artist Teresa Fogh Schou. We will discuss how the freelance dance field is organized and brainstorm which practical and political actions we can take together to improve our working conditions. Through learning from existing organizations we will conspire together on the dreams we can share as a field. Let’s figure out paths of action together!

Photo: DDSKS – Dance Protest

What is Peer to Peer?
Peer to Peer is a series of artist-driven conversations focusing on professional sharings about dance, choreography, and its impact. You will meet colleagues in a facilitated yet casual space. Peer to Peer is about getting closer to your community and being curious about what is happening in the field – and with each other.

The invited artists will set the different topics and facilitate the conversations. The specific program for each event will be announced during the season.

We start by meeting for half an hour of informal chat and something to drink. Then we continue with the facilitated part by the invited guest(s) of the day. After the event, it is possible to hang out and continue the conversations.

This Peer to Peer takes place at Dansehallerne Købenavn,
H.C. Andersens Boulevard 25, 3. sal, 1553 KBH V

The topic and format are chosen by the invited artist in collaboration with Dansehallerne. How you choose to participate in the conversations is up to you.

We meet approximately twice a month, and the event is in English. You do not need to sign up – just show up.


Andreas Haglund


NB: NEW DATE & venue / Peer to Peer


Peer to Peer


5.15.2023, 17:00


2 hours


The Administration of Dansehallerne, H. C. Andersens Blvd. 25, 1553 København


Photo: Benedicte Ramfjord