Julienne Doko | Using one’s cultural roots to feed the artistic work

Peer to Peer | October 26 | 5 – 7 pm | Huset-KBH

“Using one’s cultural roots to feed the artistic works” is the title of this Peer to Peer, and it is facilitated by dancer and choreographer Julienne Doko.

What is our inspiration when we create? Where is this creative epiphany stemming from? It may be the sight of something common, trivial, a place, a song, or something more personal, a feeling, our own story. In any case, the question is how do we connect it with our deep self to make this creation relevant? Diving into one’s cultural roots is for many creators an endless source of inspiration, a way to make their art more rooted, more personal but also a way to connect with what has been and what will become.  There are many ways and reasons to engage with our cultural roots to feed our art.

In this Peer to Peer session, Julienne Doko invites dancer and choreographer Mamadou Soma, from Burkina-Faso, to discuss how he integrates his cultural heritage in his practice and in his choreographic work. We will end the session in movement.

What is Peer to Peer?

Peer to Peer is a series of events focusing on professional sharings and conversations about dance, choreography, and its impact. You will meet colleagues in a facilitated yet casual space, where we share knowledge and are curious about what is happening in the field – and with each other.
During the season, we address different topics, and the individual events are facilitated by one or more invited artists.

We start by meeting for half an hour of informal conversation and something to drink in the café. Then we continue with presentations with invited guest(s) of the day. After the event, it is possible to continue the conversations in the café, where you can buy something to eat.

The topic and format are chosen by the invited artist in collaboration with Dansehallerne. How you choose to participate in the event is up to you.

We meet approximately twice a month, and the event is in English. You do not need to sign up – just show up. However, there is only room for 40 participants so the spots is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis on the evening itself.

In the autumn Peer to Peer will take place from 5-7 pm in Huset-KBH, Balsalen (1st floor next to Spisehuset), Rådhusstræde 13, 1466 Copenhagen.

Further information about the meeting will be communicated in advance on Dansehallerne’s website, Facebook and Instagram.

We regularly collect relevant topics and inspiration for the program, so feel free to send an email to producer Anna Katrine, akk@dansehallerne.dk, if you have any suggestions.


Julienne Doko is a French dance performer, teacher and choreographer with roots in the Central African Republic, currently based in Denmark. In her dance practice, Julienne explores connections between different dance styles and uses contemporary dance as a space of hybridisation, a vehicle for synergy between dance techniques and expressions. Her movement and dramaturgical line take inspiration from her homelands and the journeys she has taken in between. Julienne has performed internationally with a number of companies, in festivals, TV shows and in musicals.

Mamadou SOMA is an artist/actor/dancer from Burkina Faso. He takes part in many theatre and dance productions. Through his artistic practice, Mamadou SOMA questions the form of theatre and dance that can be appropriate for a population composed of several languages and traditions, as is the case in his country, which has over 60 completely different languages and traditions. His desire to give a new identity to Burkinabe theatre and dance led him to create his own theatre company called “Théâtre Éclosions”. Through their company, Mamadou SOMA along with his two collaborators, explores another form of art which mixes theatre, dance, and movement inspired by ancestral rites and traditions. He is inspired to address current themes through the forms, elements, and objects of the rites and traditions of his country. Mamadou SOMA recently graduated with a master’s in physical Theatre from the Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Switzerland.


Julienne Doko | Using one’s cultural roots to feed the artistic work


Peer to Peer


10.26.2022, 17:00


2 hours


Huset-KBH, Rådhusstræde 13, 1466 København


Photo: John Dominé