Open Source
Good production management

The theme of this Open Source: Good production management

Get Dansehallerne’s hands-on help with technical coordination of your project, so you can realize your performing arts visions. We help you set up a process so that the ends connect and come together. Focus will be on production and its settlement.


The event starts with a short presentation where you get to know Dansehallerne’s methods and process. The remaining time you get to borrow one of our desks and immerse yourself in your own project and make use of our sparring.

At this Open Source you will meet Maiken Bruun- Aamodt Dansehallerne’s skilled technical coordinator, who has just returned from maternity leave. In addition, you will meet Priscilla S. Lind Rasmussen, who is responsible for Open Source. Priscilla facilitates the common workspace and depending on the composition and needs of the participant group, bridges are built to other aspects of performing arts / work production.

Welcome inside!


Open Source


Good production management




9.28.2023, 16:00


3 hours


The Administration of Dansehallerne, H. C. Andersens Blvd. 25, 1553 København