Boaz Barkan
Octopus Reflections

Blækspruttetanker / Octopus Reflections is presented as a part of KORAL: A dance festival for children – and the whole family which takes place from October 15-17th, 2022 in Valby Kulturhus. The performance is aimed at children aged 5-9 year with or without their parents. 

‘Blækspruttetanker / Octopus Reflections’ is an interactive guided dance performance around Valby Kulturhus. One dancer is providing you with headsets through which you hear music, different sounds, and the voice of the dancer. You follow when the dancer when Valby Kulturhus transforms into a sensuous movement space – so please be ready for a unique experience around Valby Kulturhus.  

When you buy a ticket for one of the festival’s performances, you also have access to our festival area. At the festival area, the whole family can challenge themselves, together. You can make corals from self-drying clay, take a picture for Instagram, and take part in the competition for the most creative coral. You can also go to the dance studio and meet a dance facilitator, where there is plenty of opportunity to move and reflect on the day’s experience. And of course, we have created space for the little ones to play in a sea of coral toys.


Boaz Barkan


Octopus Reflections


Children & Family


  • 10.15.2022, 14:00
  • 10.16.2022, 11:00
  • 10.16.2022, 14:00
  • 10.17.2022, 11:00
  • 10.17.2022, 14:00


40 minutes


Valby Kulturhus, Valgårdsvej 4, 2500 København


Foto: Claus Rasmussen