Ray Roa

New Sh*t – a vigorous flick off tomorrows dance.

The guest curator of New Sh*t Vol 3. is Ray Roa who is presenting a program with three artists:

Sanna Blennow: SOLO(W)NG / Escarleth Pozo: .Tender.Points. / Sigrid Stigsdatter: Cold Hawaii

Ray about his curation: “A program of chosen pieces that touch us visually, viscerally. We may not understand but get a lot of heart through the emotional subconscious. 

Away it taps into something, abstract, different conclusions for different people. The three artists work pushes vocabulary, semi-biographical pieces, coming from a source of imagined and lived experience, transformed into a visual and visceral experience that connects deeply with the audience.” 

For the recurring event New Sh*t, Dansehallerne presents a taste of what is new in the choreographic landscape by inviting the voices of new younger guest curators. Each curator puts together a forward-looking program of choreographers that are inevitable for them, the artists of tomorrow!

The program

SOLO(W)NG by Sanna Blennow
An ongoing solo project and continuous writing of Sanna’s autobiography, a conceptual book where significant chapters – thus far lived and possibly imagined futures – are translated into artistic expressions, performed in front of others. “SOLO(W)NG” is navigating through intuition in a sounding swamp with a beak of ambition and wings of desire.

.Tender.Points. by Escarleth Pozo
“Their flesh was wet, soft, luminous” 
the carnality that exists before all interpretations…” 

Reminiscing about those things that exist in the world before they get attributed a meaning they discovered the transformative relationship between materiality and meaning.
Inviting other materials and shapes to further extend and inform this body of its borders. Objects which aid to blur and layer/de-layer the body in order to distort what is projected upon it. And through the power of imagination position the layers of body in surreal contexts to discover its multiplicity. 
Becoming un-becoming becoming un-becoming becoming.

Cold Hawaii by Sigrid Stigsdatter

So she retreats. She explores the vast emptiness, the territory of pleasure and the realm of pause and silence after something breaking down. Like a heartbreak that builds up only to break down again, she creates a character that rises only to disappear afterwards. Through movement, sound and words she moves between the harsh reality, and the soft, worlds of her imagination. 

The duration of the performance program is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes including intermissions.

After the performances, you can meet the artists as we invite you to a conversation with the curator and the three performers.
And last but not least then we invite all for a drink, DJ and dance as we celebrate the opening of our program at Dansekapellet. It’s DJ Alexis Rodríguez Cancino who will bw playing for us this evening.

About New Sh*t

This is vol. 3 of New Sh*t. Vol 1. took place at Edison in the fall of 2020 with the guest curator Thjerza Balaj and the second in May 2021 at Copenhagen Contemporary with guest curator Kalliopi Siganou.

New Sh*t is an initiative from Dansehallerne to give the audience a unique experience of the dance of the future and to strengthen the dance ecosystem and give the new generation an opportunity to present their works. New Sh*t Vol. 3 is part of the cluster program Dansehallerne at Kapellet


Ray Roa






2 hours


Dansekapellet, Bispebjerg Torv 1, 2400 København


Credits for SOLO(W)NG Sound: Lendl Barcelos, Clothes: Milan Florián Flíček, Photo: AdeY, Trailer: Andre Vicentini, Artistic support: Simone Gisela Weber.  *** Credits for .Tender.Points. Concept, Performance & Choreography: Escarleth Pozo, Music: Adde Huumonen, Sculptures: Erika Emeréns, Cinematography: Anders&Mia,  Text/Story written by: Escarleth Pozo (within the artistic process of echoes by Klara Utke Acs), Choreographic Advice: Stina Nyberg, Video Edit: Matthew Sundin, Trailer Edit: Escarleth Pozo, Carl Platon. *** Credits for Cold Hawaii Concept, Choreography and Performance: Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen
, Music: Lora Deniz ,
 Costume: Ginta Tinte, 
Dramaturg: Antonia Steffens
, Artistic advice: Merel Heering and Kristin De Groot
, Technique and Light design: Edwin van Steenbergen, 
Video and trailer: Paul Sixta
, Photography: Anna van Kooij, 
Special Thanks: Andreas Hannes, Tiana Hemlock-Yensen, Charlie Laban Trier, Carolien Verduijn, Annejon Okhuijsen 
 Production: Dansateliers Rotterdam, Azkuna Zentroa (Bilbao, ES), 
Financial support: Gemeente Rotterdam. *** Photos of gust curator Ray Roa by Alexis Rodriguez Cancino and Trine Lee

Photo by ©AdeY: Sanna Blennow SOLO(W)NG
Photo by Anders&Mia: Escarleth Pozo .Tender.Points.
Photo by Anna van Kooij: Sigrid Stigsdatter Cold Hawaii
Photo by Trine Lee: Guest curator Ray Roa