Nadja Bounenni
New Sh*t Vol. 8

At Dansehallerne we are excited to welcome you to the Spring edition of our popular recurrent platform New Sh*t. As guest curator for New Sh*t Vol 8. in April 2024 we have invited the Greek/Tunesian dancer, choreographer and producer Nadja Bounenni. Nadja Bounenni has created a program with selected choreographers she believes to be new and urgent in the choreographic scene.

We give you two performances and one film, to be shown together exclusively for one night only by the artists RIVA The Faroese Dance Company by Rannvá G. Niclasen and Vár B. Árting, Parini Secondo x Bienoise and Elli Virtanen.

Nadja Bounenni about the curation: “New Sh*t Vol. 8 is celebrating dance. This curation is a composition of three dance pieces, different from each other in style and format. We’ll be witnessing artists who use physical dance as their main tool for choreography, reminding us what the power and magic of dance can do. Soundscapes are co-creating in the space as a foundation for the dance to appear. The works are inviting to be experienced with an open heart, allowing them to move us or make us want to move.”


20:00 – 20:50

tveyeini (two-alone) by RIVA The Faroese Dance Company by Rannvá G. Niclasen and Vár B. Árting 

20:50 – 21:20

Intermission with film:  SPEEED

by Parini Secondo x Bienoise (12 min. it will be shown twice in the foyer).

21:20 – 21:40

SOFT BLAST by Elli Virtanen 

21:45 – 23:30

DJ Y3K playing in the foyer


tveyeini (two-alone) / RIVA The Faroese Dance Company by Rannvá G. Niclasen and Vár B. Árting 

Two bodies entwined in movement on a journey through fragments of memories.

Memories, whether preserved or suppressed, stay in our bodies, and leave behind marks. As we physically change our memories change with us. Reminiscing about good times; trying to make sense of blurry occurrences gone by in an intoxicated state; wanting to latch onto the memory or trying to run away from it. tveyeini is a journey through a series of memory fragments to embody and depict them through movement. The works deal with themes of yearning, longing, and the intimacy between two bodies on stage and the emotional interplay between the two. 

Through a juxtaposition of pedestrian body language, and abstract and performative movements the sense of reality is distorted, and a new universe is shaped, reflecting the emotional spectrum connected to the themes. The frame for the soundscape is Klingra’s new album “…eftir”.

Rannvá G. Niclasen and Vár B. Árting are the artistic directors of RIVA the Faroese Dance Company. Together they have developed an artistic practice that focuses on making work and facilitating projects relevant in the context of establishing a professional dance environment in the Faroe Islands.

SPEEED (film) by Parini Secondo x Bienoise

SPEEED is a choreographic and musical project inspired by the Para Para and Eurobeat phenomenon that spread in the 90s in Tokyo clubs. SPEEED is a work of camouflage because it faithfully copies its source of inspiration: a 160 bpm slap stimulates you to act, and launches you in the middle of a centrifuge of pure and unadulterated enthusiasm where tuning cars play very loud Eurobeat music.

Parini Secondo was founded in 2017 by Sissj Bassani and Martina Piazzi involving Camilla Neri and Francesca Pizzagalli. The collective works on movement starting from different and unpredictable sources, questioning the limits of authorship and up-to-dateism. With an ecological and ready-made act, the group remixes other people’s ideas and choreographic materials taken from the online world, often in the form of tutorials, assembling choreographies through sampling. Parini exploits and supports the potential of open source and DIY [do-it-yourself] ethic/aesthetic. From 2019 the collective collaborates with the musician, teacher and producer Alberto Ricca/Bienoise who is present in projects i (2019), ROCCO (2019), SPEEED (2020) – and be me (2021). Parini’s latest research project, do-around-the-world, deals with rope skipping and children’s playful rhythmic practices as cultural and musical identifiable elements of her female background. The collective has participated in several festivals and events in Italy and abroad.

SOFT BLAST by Elli Virtanen

SOFT BLAST is an immersive exploration that delves into the intersection of sound design, body movement, and social commentary within the music industry. This captivating performance challenges traditional norms by inviting participants to embrace the oppositional forces of heavy, strong spaces through dynamic movements and evocative soundscapes.

Led by the guiding principles of choice and impetus, SOFT BLAST celebrates the fluidity of stage femme while confronting stereotypes and glass ceilings prevalent in the music industry. Voices move through the space, weaving a narrative that transcends boundaries and fosters connection among performer and audience members alike.

Elli Virtanen (she/her) is a Copenhagen/Helsinki-based dance artist who will graduate from Den Danske Scenekunstskole this spring 2024. Along with her studies, Elli has worked in the free field of contemporary dance as a dancer and performer with varying ensembles and choreographers. Most recently, she has performed in Pori Dance Company’s and Amos Rex’s “Generation 2023” productions. She is interested in connecting sound design to dance and choreography and works with music production on the side. 

About the guest curator: Nadja Bounenni (she/her) is a dancer, choreographer and producer from Greece/ Tunisia based in Copenhagen. Her artistic interest lies in political debates of our times and notions of reality and fiction. Her artistic practice emerges from somatic principles and rituals, based on energy conservation and zero resistance working modes. The performative universes she creates, are somewhat wacky, eccentric and quirky, always proposing a relaxed and sensuous audiencing, where the individual interpretation of the experience is encouraged.
She is a co-founder of KOMMA Performance Productions, an association running from and for self-producing artists towards crafting sustainable models for artistic work within the field of dance and choreography.

About the platform New Sh*t
Since New Sh*t was launched in 2020 the popular platform has been happening twice yearly. With the recurring format New Sh*t, Dansehallerne checks in with what’s new in the choreographic landscape in Denmark. For each edition of New Sh*t, a younger guest curator is invited.


Nadja Bounenni


New Sh*t Vol. 8




25.4.2024, 20:00


2 hours


Dansekapellet, Bispebjerg Torv 1, 2400 København


CREDITS / tveyeini (two-alone) by RIVA The Faroese Dance Company:  Choreography and performance: Rannvá G. Niclasen and Vár B. Árting / Music: Klingra / Light design: Villiam Soo Joensen / Stagecraft: Jørgin B. Árting og Anngrím Árting / Production: Rannvá G. Niclasen and Vár B. Árting / Suported by: The work was created with support from the Nordic Culture Fund, Mentanargrunnur Landsins, Almanna- og mentamálaráðið, Balslev, Tórshavnar Kommuna, Dansifrøi, Dansverkstæðið, The Nordic House of the Faroe Islands and Løkshøll. Performances in Copenhagen supported by Safari Transport and Loftbrúgv. CREDITS 2 / SPEED By Parini Secondo x Bienoise With: Sissj Bassani, Camilla Neri, Martina Piazzi, Francesca Pizzagalli / Featuring: La Boutique dell’autoradio, Finizio Power Team Bologna / With the support of: Mastronauta Omegna (VCO), Comune di Verbania, Fondazione Comunitaria VCO, Nexus/Simona Bertozzi / Selected for Vetrina della Giovane Danza d’Autore 2022 and supporter by Dancescapes powered by DanzaUrbana, founded by MIC. Festival Catalysi 01/10/2022 Cesena. CREDITS 3 / SOFT BLAST by Choreographer: Elli Virtanen /  Performer: Elli Virtanen / Sound: Elli Virtanen / Pictures: Caroline Aravicius & Lucas Sipari / Thank you to: Malin Astner, Caroline Aravicius, Lucas Sipari, Olli Lautiola, Shai Faran, Ida-Elisabeth Larsen, Paavali Kärkkäinen, Iiris Puustinen, BA24, Den Danske Scenekunstskole, Vantaa Dance Institution.  And to my parents, for giving me everything and more.

The program for New Sh*t Vol. 8.
Meet the curator Nadja Bounenni
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