Andreas Haglund
New Sh*t Vol. 5

New Sh*t – a vigorous flick off tomorrow´s dance.

Andreas Haglund is the guest curator of Dansehallernes popular platform New Sh*t Vol. 5 and has with three performances put together a tapestry of sensations. We are thrilled this evening to present works by Adam Seid Tahir & Amina Seid Tahir, Beck Heiberg and Thjerza Balaj.

The program for New Sh*t Vol. 5

The evening will bring three solo works.

several attempts at braiding my way home / Adam Seid Tahir & Amina Seid Tahir

Shifting between labor and speculative proposals ”several attempts at braiding my way home” insists on fiction as a tool for quaking potential and finding opportunities for recovery and belonging. The performance swims with the Clymene dolphins who defy understandings of heritage. It listens to the walruses who trust their hair for navigation. ”several attempts at braiding my way home” is a collection of strategies for creating home in an afro-nordic landscape. Braiding hair, fusing bones, growing fins. It is a heatwave and a longing for home.

Blue Swallowings / Beck Heiberg

Cry for me. Care for me so much that you fuck me. Use my tears as lube. Let the swallow scream. Subdued swallowing. Swallow my feelings. Blue Swallowings is Beck Heiberg’s new solo work suggesting a space where sexy is sad and sadness is sensual, a place where the sorrow is a turn-on. Moving with the pain and letting the heat rise and melt in a pool of sultry sadness, the body holds a space for this new meeting. In the cry we hold you. One on each arm. In the cry we meet you. With our own tears.

Ruzalka / Thjerza Balaj

Her main purpose is 
the depths of waterways 
where she would entangle their feet with her long red hair 
and submerge them.

The program of the evening will be approx. 2 hours and 40 minutes with intermissions.

DJ Nah Care will deliver good vibes for the intermissions and after the performances where we invite you for a hangout.

The guest curator

Andreas Haglund (He/They) / A freelance dancer, performer, and choreographer in and around Stockholm and Copenhagen. Sustainability is a red thread throughout his artistic practices. Focusing on the planet and its beings Andreas Haglund´s work investigates the cultural undercurrents of the climate crisis in all their complexities. Informed by social and environmental justice movements, Andreas Haglund creates dance, choreography, and text and now curates to direct aesthetics, discourse, and practice toward care, joy, and interdependence.

With the recurring format New Sh*t, Dansehallerne checks in with what’s new in the choreographic landscape. For each edition, a younger guest curator is invited to present a progressive program of choreographers whom the curator believes to be the artists of tomorrow!
Since New Sh*t was launched in 2020 the popular platform has been happening twice each year.


Andreas Haglund


New Sh*t Vol. 5




  • 2.1220:00several attempts at braiding my way home by Adam Seid Tahir & Amina Seid Tahir
  • 2.1220:45Intermission
  • 2.1221:00Blue Swallowings by Beck Heiberg
  • 2.1221:40Intermission
  • 2.1222:00Ruzalka by Thjerza Balaj


35-45 minutes


Dansekapellet, Bispebjerg Torv 1, 2400 København


several attempts at braiding my way back home / Created by: Adam Seid Tahir & Amina Seid Tahir, Initiated and performed by: Adam Seid Tahir, Dramaturg: Lydia Östberg Diakité, Music: Crystallmess, Hair-costume: Malcolm Marquez, Costume: Amina Seid Tahir, Light: Jonatan Winbo, Duration: 42 min. Premiere: September 9th 2021 at My Wild Flag in Stockholm, Supported by Kulturrådet, Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse, MARC & Riksteaterns Produktionsresidens för dans 2021, Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme /// Blue Swallowings / Concept, Choreography and Performance: Beck Heiberg, Sound design: Suzie the Cockroach, Costume: Dajo Vande Putte, Dramaturg: Sigrid Stigsdatter, Artistic advisor: Charlie Laban Trier, Voiceover: Anton Hjejle, Trailer: Joel Fritzon. /// Ruzalka / Dance and choreography: Thjerza Balaj, Sound producer: S. Rieser, Additional music: Smerz, Costume design: Ditte Marie Walter Tygesen, make-up: Levi Eja Roepstorff, Production: yours truly / Thjerza Balaj, Duration: 30 min, Premiere: Fall 2021 at Basement, Copenhagen.

The program for New Sh*t Vol 5
Guest Curator Andreas Haglund about the program
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