Ice Hot CPH / Sølvi Edvardsen

OBS! This performance is a part off the platform ICE HOT NORDIC DANCE – which is presented at different venues in Copenhagen which Dansehallerne collaborates with.
This performance is only presented at Baltoppen LIVE

MAN (a reference to both an individual man and humanity), is exploring the possibilities of scenic expression based on one dancer’s potential – the maximal in the minimal. The theme is the conscious individual’s unending exploration of personal reality and the limits and boarders that we either impose on ourselves or that are placed on us by different external systems and situations-something that is only amplified when one is bicultural.
This is an important theme at a time when the world becomes ever smaller and our days are comprised of so many challenges and choices in the  struggle of what it is to be a human being and to find balance in our personal universe.

MAN unfolds as a dialogue between the choreographer Sølvi Edvardsen and the dancer Sudesh Adhana, in close collaboration with the composer Kim Sølve and his group Swarms and the light designer Paul Vidar Ramon Sævarang.


Ice Hot CPH / Sølvi Edvardsen








Choreographer / Sølvi Edvardsen Dancer / Sudesh Adhana Composer / Kim Sølve with Swarms: Bjeima, Petter Berntsen, Andreas Vilthagen Light designer / Paul Vidar Ramon Sævarang Film, costumes, prop / Sølvi Edvardsen Seam / Johanna Sutinen Metal / Arne Øystein Lunner Producer / Kirre Arneberg Premiered at CODA Oslo International Dance Festival Oct 23rd 2015 The Norwegian Opera & Ballet, stage 2 MAN was presented by CODA Oslo International Dance Festival and The Norwegian National Touring Company.