Emilia Gasiorek

Tumbling into the space after sadness, Lowlands is a soft lament to the subliminal. Journeying into the sunken valleys of slowed down motions, it breathes into the space between fragility and strength. The audience is invited into a meditative landscape of blue that lulls and endures. Images emerge evoking a body falling apart and gathering itself together again, a body at sea and a body on a patchwork of waves.

Lowlands is a large-scale solo performance by choreographer Emilia Gasiorek that spans the deep blue depths of personal emotional landscapes and collective geographical environments. It is a part of a new body of work exploring how emotional and psychological states shape the matter of bodies and worlds. The piece is made in collaboration with choreographic consultant Emma-Cecilia Ajanki, sound artist Karis Zidore, and architect Lea Paulsen, and is co-produced by Dansehallerne.


Emilia Gasiorek






9.2–4.2021, 19:00


45 minutes


SALEN, Library at Rentemestervej, Rentemestervej 76, 2400 København


Choreography, performance and scenography concept: Emilia Gasiorek, Choreographic consultant: Emma-Cecilia Ajanki, Scenography and costume: Lea Paulsen, Sound artist: Karis Zidore, Cellist: Åsa Gjerstad, Knitwear designer: Amalie Røge Hove, Light design: Sonja Lea, Technician: Sven Buse, Textual piece: Jonathan Bonnici, Painting: Coline Marotta, Graphic designer: Hanna Bergman, Photography and trailer: Ida Marie Gedbjerg Sørensen, Co-production and presentation: Dansehallerne, Administration: Projektcentret, In residency: Danseatelier, Åbne Scene, HAUT, Inter Arts Center, Milvus Artistic Research Center.

Trailer: Ida Marie Gedbjerg Sørensen

Special thanks to Emma-Cecilia Ajanki for the constant support, Eva Steen Nordhagen for all the input into the production and Jon Bonnici for the support in the final development of the piece.