Ballet Mink
Live From Vegas with love

Ballet Mink has the guest choreographers Cathy Allen and Louis Kavouras on the program. The four young dancers who have just graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas Dance Department makes a mash up with three distinctive choreographic styles: the eclectic modern with a touch of classical, the contemporary commentary modern and the tight Erick Hawkins inspired style.

The choreographer Margot Mink Colbert has invited her two colleagues choreographers to the Company’s summer tour this year. They are all proffessors at UNLV and has created the show in close cooperation. Cathy Allen is a brilliant choreographer, focusing on the modern expression and a keen eye for precision and aesthetic refinement.Louis Kavouras is the dean of the dance program at UNLV. He has been a principal dancer in the Erick Hawkins Dance Company and has taught master classes in Erick Hawkins Dance Technique since 1995. Margot Mink Colbert creates a playful cocktail of classical and modern technique in a unique and humorous style that is her own.

Ballet Mink is a choreographic balance between the conceptual and classical dance. Choreographer, teacher and dancer, Margot Mink Colbert, founded the company in 1970 in New York City.  The company’s repertoire features theatrical, site specific and video dance works, which have been performed in proscenium theatres, public parks, on public television, city streets, in lakes, and even in maximum-security prisons. The company has performed around the world including Denmark, Russia, France, Guatemala, Scotland and Australia as well as throughout the United States.


Ballet Mink


Live From Vegas with love






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