BamBam Frost, Lydia Östberg Diakité
immortal summit

immortal summit is a performance that stretches between ideas of greatness and delusions of grandeur. Two characters are bound to an immortal fate and trapped in an ambivalent reality where remembrance of humanity’s excessive behaviors is put on display. Searching for something different, immortal summit lives in the borderland of provocation and play, tenderness, and failure, asking questions of how to navigate one’s existence in a non-voluntary reality.

In immortal summit Lydia Östberg Diakité and BamBam Frost work with materials inspired by sports, gods and popular cultural icons. Studying the phenomena of iconization and the canonization of performance abilities, where impossible levels and high expectations are the new standard.


BamBam Frost, Lydia Östberg Diakité


immortal summit




15.–16.3.2023, 20:00


1 hour


Dansekapellet, Bispebjerg Torv 1, 2400 København


Concept, choreography, performance, production, costume design: Lydia Östberg Diakité and BamBam Frost. Composer, producer and sound design: Holger Hartvig. Session Musicians: Neda Sanai, Holger Hartvig and Aase Nielsen. Set design: Lisa Berkert Wallard. Light design: Anton Andersson. Photography: Märta Thisner. Logos: Ali-Eddine Abdelkhalek, EUROSTANDARD. Production: Johnson & Bergsmark, Nordberg Movement, Jessie McLaughlin (MDT). Administration: Konstnärskollektivet Interim Kultur. Co-producers: Turnéslingan Tre scener (MDT, Atalante & Dansstationen), Norrlandsoperan, Dansehallerne och Life Long Burning – Towards a sustainable Eco-System for Contemporary Dance in Europe project (2018-2022). Made possible with support by the Swedish Arts Council, City of Stockholm, Region Stockholm and the Swedish Arts Grants Committee. Extra thank you to Ellen Nyman and Aida Ramana Rønvik and our chosen family and friends.

Bikubenfonden (en)
Swedish Arts Council
Region Stockholm
Foreningsservice Stockholms Stad
Statens Kunstfond (en)
Life Long Burning
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