How do we implement our artistic practice into teaching?

PEER TO PEER | MARCH 29 | 5 – 7 PM | Union 

Hanna Filomen Mjåvatn, Mari Carrasco & Xiri Tara Noir will in a conversation with Caroline Blomqvist, producer at Dansehallerne, share their artistry that is implemented in their classes while reflecting on the vulnerability that often comes with sharing ones personal artistic practice.

Together, they will sum up their experiences from their participation in the pilot project ‘train distance dance training’, a three-week teaching tour in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

This Peer to Peer is a hybrid format and you will, therefore, be able to participate in person at Union in Copenhagen or join online via a live streaming of the event which will take place through the Facebook event (see link below).

This event is organized with and in collaboration with PRODA (NO) and Danscentrum Stockholm (SE).

You can attend the training with the three artists & dance teachers in Copenhagen during March:

Xiri Tara Noir / “Pleasure Zombies” / 14-18th of March at 10-11.30
Mari Carrasco / “Listen to the music!” / 21- 25th of March at 10-11.30
Hanna Filomen Mjåvatn / ”Dis/c(o)ver and HangOut” + Live soundscape jam by LuN/A / 28th of March – 1st of April at 10-11.30 

If you prefer to attend these classes in Oslo and/or Stockholm, you are more than welcome to as a member of Dansehallerne, PRODA, or Danscentrum. 

Peer to Peer is an encounter platform with professional conversations about artistic practice in the field of dance and choreography. We meet twice a month at Union (this specific event will be a hybrid you can join online if you are not in Copenhagen). We start with collegial mingling and a drink in the cafe and continue in a professional session facilitated by the day’s guest / s. 

After the event, it will be possible to continue the conversations in the café, where you can buy your dinner.

We regularly collect relevant themes and inspiration for the program, so feel free to send an email to Anna Katrine,, if you have good suggestions.


How do we implement our artistic practice into teaching?


Peer to Peer


29.3.2022, 17:00


2 hours


Union, Nørre Allé 7, 2200 København N


Photocredit left (Xiri): Andreea Eva Herczegh. Photocredit middle (Mari): Thomas Zamolo. Photocredit right (Hanna): private.

Nordisk Kulturfond (en)
Danscentrum Stockholm