1 September: Join the party at Edison! We’re celebrating the third edition of Dansehallerne x Betty. DJ Nico Defrost oversees the music and will lift our spirits & move our feet before and after the evening’s performance. DJ Nico Defrost plays from 7-8 pm and from 9 pm until midnight

2 September: 25 minute artist talk with Malik Nashad Sharpe after the performance.

The goner is someone who is doomed with no chance of survival—bound to death, a lost and hopeless case. 

This work follows this figure on a sensuous, suspense-filled and fearsome choreographic journey into the psychological depths of the goner’s horror. Lightly touching on the topics of abuse, Caribbean migration, alienation, belonging, addiction, and violence, GONER is utilising the formal tools of solo authorship and the aesthetics of horror to create radical visual culture from the marginalised perspective, and to tease out and establish a Black tradition of horror for the live context. How do we look at culturally specific narratives against a backdrop of thrilling, bloody, and psychological horror? 

Who knows 
but there will be blood

GONER is part of the program Dansehallerne x Betty and is presented in collaboration between Dansehallerne and Betty Nansen Teatret.

NB: This show contains strobe lighting, strong language, loud sounds including gunshots, sensitive themes and topics, partial nudity, violence, and simulated blood.








  • 1.9.2023, 20:00
  • 2.9.2023, 17:00


55 minutes


Edison-scenen, Edisonsvej 10, 1856 Frederiksberg


Choreography: Malik Nashad Sharpe. Musical Direction: Tabitha Thorlu-Bengura. Set Design: Felix Villiers. Lighting Design: Barnaby Booth. Costume Design: Erik Annerborn. Production Manager: James Dawson. Project Producers: Michael Kitchin, Eva Steen Nordhagen. Strategic Producers: The Uncultured. Music Composition and Sound Design: Luke Blair. Rehearsal Direction: Blue Makwana. Hair: ManWigs. Featuring music by: Arif Cooper (R.I.P.), De Schuurman, Poundshoppe, and Don Sinini. Voiceover: OBOBOB. Text Consultancy: Travis Alabanza. Promotional Images: Ralf Hersborg. Promotional Styling: HASZNAT*. Trailer/Short: Film Sinisa. Trailer Talent: Isabelle Gzowski, Gabriel Chen, Chloe Filani, Iman Villaruel, Shemi Cudjoe. PR by: Binita Walia. Co-commissioned by: The Yard Theatre (UK), Dansehallerne (DK), MDT (SK), Cambridge Junction (UK) with support from Stobbs New Ideas Fund. Additional Support by: Fest en Fest (UK), The Place (UK), Portland Institute of Contemporary Art’s Creative Exchange Lab with lead support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (USA), Toronto Community Love-in (CA), My Wild Flag (SK), Sadler’s Wells (UK), Watermans Arts Centre (UK), Caldera Arts Centre (USA), New Expressive Works (USA) and Live Art Development Agency (UK). Created using public funds from Arts Council England.

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