Fabian Wixe
Workshop Shifting space

The class will be a practice based around Flying Low (David Zambrano’s technique), going in and out of the ground, passing through yourself and the others in the room. I want to use the Flying Low as a tool to open to our bodies in space, interconnected to everything and everyone around us but still well anchored to all the parts of you.
Throughout the work we will talk with our bodies, encouraging this communication in order to help ourselves resolve problems as, or preferably before they arise. Move with your whole body, including your problems, doubts and limits, always pushing towards the edges as we aim to go full with a body that is ready to respond with or without preparation, when and how you need it.
We will also work with a given phrase and exercises specific to this work, adding to it each day, increasing the speed and the complexity of the body, while calming the mind in order to keep up.
Prepare to sweat, to keep working when you’re tired (smile to the pain), and to enjoy!

Studio: Zen 1

How to get there?
Zen 1 is located on third floor, please use the backstairs to access the studio.Go in via the main entrance on first floor, keep going straight ahead towards the changing rooms next to the climbing area on the first floor, open the door in the far end and go up the stairs until you arrive on the third floor. Zen 1 is through the door on your right side.

Accessibility requires a little extra preparation.The studios are equipped for wheelchair users. It is possible to use the lift for access up to the 3rd floor. If you wish to use this, please let us know in advance, as the studio you have to go through via the lift is sometimes booked.
We kindly ask you to meet up 15 minutes prior to class, so there is time for “self check in” with your QR code on the ticket.

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Fabian Wixe


Workshop Shifting space




16.4.2023, 11:00


3 hours


Dirch Passers Allé 4, 2000 Frederiksberg


Credit: Gilles Aguilar and Marcel Köppe