Anders Christiansen
En Anden Krop

Join the laboratory, when Anders Christiansen in his new solo work ANOTHER BODY struggles to create artificial life.

In the dimmed light there are several semi-finished bodies laying around. A scratchy old pop song sounds from the speakers. He is in the process of forming a body of mud, old newspapers and something that looks like human hair.

He works with the – so far – lifeless creature.
He tries impatiently to infuse life with gestures and spells.
Wasn’t it, as if it just moved…?
Wasn’t there an electric vibration?

ANOTHER BODY is a Gothic nightmare created in cooperation with set designer Lise Klitten, composer Jakob Brandt-Pedersen and lighting designer Michael Breiner.

The Danish choreographer and dancer Anders Christiansen operates in the borderland between installation art, performance and dance. He has for 20 years created numerous solo performances and several ensemble works.

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