Mathias Theisen
Ego trip (Dancing Museums)

Ego trip is an ode to dance as a performing art.

The premise of the performance is to fill the space (the museum space) to the brim with dance, without losing the audience’s curiosity and desire for more – a raw and intimate performance where all the elements that typically support the dance are left out.

Mathias wants to show the potential of dance in its own right, to create a space of poetry without imposing a meaning or a goal.

“I do not claim to do anything that has not already been done before and because the expression is cut to the bone, and because it is grounded in my own journey, my hope is that the result is unique nonetheless.” – Mathias Theisen

The project Dancing Museums is a new collaborative project between theater associations, local museums and Dansehallerne, where we collect experience about the artistic encounter between dance and museums, both in terms of the artistic and the audience.

This year, Dansehallerne has selected Mathias Theisen and the solo piece Ego trip for the project, which has been developed in partnership with Gribskov Teaterforening and Tegner’s Museum, Skive Teaterkreds and Skive Museum as well as Bornholms Teaterforening and Gudhjem Museum.

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Mathias Theisen


Ego trip (Dancing Museums)




  • 24.10.2021, 13:00
  • 24.10.2021, 15:00


25 minutes


Gudhjem Museum, Stationsvej 1, 3760 Gudhjem


Choreographer and dancer: Mathias Theisen