Do you dream about touring in Europe?

Talk for Professionals / Knowledge on international visibility through Aerowaves

In connection with our special New Sh*t edition, we invite everyone inside for a talk about international careers with Aerowaves as a springboard. Here, we shed light on the vibrant network – a hub for dance discovery in Europe. This is your chance to meet and pick knowledge from international and Danish colleagues who are part of the selected artists in the European network Aerowaves. 

Meet the current artist in New Sh*t Vol 6., the Scottish dancer and choreographer Courtney May Robertson, and the Danish choreographer and dancer Sigrid Stigsdatter both part of Aerowaves Twenty22.

At this event, the artists share their insight knowledge and experiences from touring as part of Aerowaves and talk about how this opportunity kickstarts their career. 

You will also get to know more about how Aerowaves operates, identifies, and promotes emerging artists through cross-border performances. Hanne Svejstrup, Head of Activities at Dansehallerne, has been one of the 44 partners in the Aerowaves network for several years and will let you in on how Aerowaves has a unique role as a connector between choreographers, dance programmers, and dance enthusiasts across Europe through 25 years.

On top of this, the curator of New Sh*t Vol. 6 Thjerza Balaj will throw in her perspectives on Aerowaves as an outside eye. She has seen the presentation of all Aerowaves Artists Twenty22 and hereby handpicked the program of New Sh*t Vol. 6.

A unique evening with insights, performances, and a party with DJ

We round off the evening with the New Sh*t Vol. 6, consisting of four Aerowaves performances. Afterwards, we celebrate with drinks, DJ set, and party. 

How to attend

The talk is open for everyone interested in the industry. It is free to join – however you need to sign up in advance, click for tickets here below no later than March 19th. After the talk, we offer a salad/light snack for you to have fuel for the full evening. 

You need to buy a ticket for the performance program New Sh*t Vol. 6. There are limited seats for this popular platform, so we advise you to do so soon via the Dansehallerne website.

Aerowaves is co-funded by the European Union. More info about Aerowaves at


Do you dream about touring in Europe?




24.3.2023, 18:00


45 minutes


Dansekapellet, Bispebjerg Torv 1, 2400 København


Photo: Sigrid Stigsdatter: Cold Hawaii & Courtney May: Robertson the pleasure of stepping off a horse when it´s moving at full speed, Photographer: Anna van Kooij

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