City of Abstracts

The internationally recognized Choreographer William Forsythe has shaped the European dance landscape with his radical interrogations of classical ballet and revolutionized the notion of what dance is and can be.

In addition to his stage productions, Forsythe also develops “choreographic objects” which are presented and exhibited in spaces and situations far from the conventional theatre setting.

One of these, the work City of Abstracts, is now coming to Copenhagen.

As an interactive video installation, City of Abstracts rolls through the city and stops at places and squares where people move. A large LED wall mounted on a truck, normally transporting glass windows, reflects the viewers, standing in front of it, in an artistically alienated and twisted way, challenging them to move and thus turning them into choreographic subjects.


City of Abstracts


Performance, Public program


1.–2.9.2021, 15:00


4 hours


Creator: William Forsythe, Production Management: Julian Gabriel Richter, Photo, tech & driver: Mark Gläser

The development and international exhibition of Choreographic Objects by William Forsythe is made possible with the generous support of Susanne Klatten