Kevin Paradox
Hip Hop Freestyle

Build up by breaking down is Kevin’s mantra for practice. It is the main way he gains awareness of the technical and expressive capacity within Hip Hop Freestyle. Like language, dance can be dissected into sentences, words and letters which in turn creates more awareness of one’s narrative in movement and strenghten their statement, their expression.

In the workshops, Kevin takes the students on a journey of exploration through different perspectives and ways to approach Hip Hop Freestyle. With a variaty of movement methods and theoretical concepts, the dancers are given tools to develope a higher technical sensibilty and challenge not just their physical, but also their creative and expressive capacity within their freestyle.

Topics covered within the workshops conclude Groove, Flow, Concept, Texture and Structure which are all explored with the students through a scope of Kevin’s movement philosophy.


Kevin Paradox


Hip Hop Freestyle




Teaterøen Refshalevej 320 1432 København


Photo: Konrad Sachadel