Roza Moshtaghi
Bouncing Narratives

Bouncing Narratives is a jumbled mess—a playful wash of images, sounds, and movements that elicits the fine line of pure joy and trauma narratives. It centers around a trauma that cannot be expressed in words, but bounces back again and again. Using minimal and repetitive vocabulary, bouncing and sliding, nuances of rhythm and speed become the main components of a performative act that animates the installation and drives towards a trance-like intensity. 

Bouncing Narratives is a performance installation consisting of a container with a trampoline as a roof. The audience is invited to see the performance from below – from the inside of the container – or from the outside – in the urban landscape. 

Bouncing Narratives is presented by Dansehallerne and is a selected Aerowaves piece. The tour is organized by Dansehallerne because we are Aerowaves partners.

The tour is supported by The Danish Arts Council and Creative Europe. 

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The performance will also play at Malmø Festivalen, Kulturmødet Mors and Aarhus festuge.

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The performance is supported by Norsk Kultturråd, FFUK, Oslo Kommune and KORO


Roza Moshtaghi


Bouncing Narratives




  • 22.8.2022, 17:00
  • 22.8.2022, 19:00
  • 23.8.2022, 17:00
  • 23.8.2022, 19:00


1 hour


Blågårds Plads 4, 2200 København N


Roza Moshtaghi -Choreographer/concept Shahrzad Malekian - Artist/concept Lykourgos Porfyris - Sound artist/Poster Marit Meløe - Dancer Gerd Kaisa Vorren - Dancer Carl Nilssen-Love - Assisting scenographer Shiva Sherveh – Costume designer Martin Myrvold - Light designer Julie Olsen – Producer Josh Lake – Documentation and photo

Aerowaves (en)
Danish Arts Foundation (en)
Creative Europe

Forestilligen er støttet af Norsk Kultturråd, FFUK, Oslo Kommune og KORO.