Hilary Briggs
Ballet class

The class Hilary is giving stays close to a traditional ballet class. There are influences from the different styles she has been introduced to over the years. 

Hilary likes to work with coordination and musicality: Different musical accents to work the mind and the body. To go against our expectations and be taken away from what can be seen as ‘square’. Hopefully this creates a less routine feeling to the morning training, possibly moving us towards finding a musicality that can be rewarding for the dancer and exciting for the audience. 

Along with exploring and training our musicality, coordination, agility plus gaining strength; ballet can be fun! 

These classes will be accompanied by a live pianist.

Only as a member, you can take part in Dansehallerne’s training activities – a year-round program with approximately 5 days of training per week. International guests can also join training for free for up to 1 month.

These classes are in close collaboration with Danish Dance Theatre and we are happy to be able to offer the classes in the DDT studio.

These classes are held at the Opera:
Ekvipagemestervej 10, 1438 Copenhagen K. You will arrive to the stage entrance, big grey sliding door and enter the reception. We kindly ask you to meet 15 minutes before the class, so that it is time to find your way to the studio and show your QR code on the ticket:)


Hilary Briggs


Ballet class




15.–17.5.2023, 10:00


1 hour 15 minutes


Ekvipagemestervej 10, 1438 København K


Photo: Hilary Briggs, Danish Dance Theatre

Danish Dance Theatre