Københavns Internationale Teater's NY Cirkus Festival

Solo for an acrobatic body, selected objects and a piece of piano music

Aneckxander is a brave and raw solo, literally peeling off the artist’s outer layers, leaving only the naked, honest expression. A self-portrait in-between comedy and tragedy, where Alexander truthfully and without vanity exposes his body and all of its positions, proportions and deformations.

With each act, the severity level rises, while he is fighting his tormented and exhausted body.
The invincible artist body reveals its weaknesses, its fragility and is at the same time longing for the audience’s mercy and grace. A demonstration of circus’ voluntary self-torture.

Alexander Vantournhout is the big star among the new generation of circus artists, already with several awards for his groundbreaking work. With a dance education from the well-renowned P.A.R.T.S., he has added new dimensions to the circus genre with his honest expression, his superior physicality and a refreshing lack of respect for conventions.

For audience 14+


Københavns Internationale Teater's NY Cirkus Festival






Large Stage, Tap E