Lene Boel, Next Zone

7 RUNES is a raw, poetic and powerful dance performance
– which draws inspiration from Norse mythology, Vikings and the cult movie The
 Hunger Games.

Representing a game of life and death, the ballet views the basic human emotions and instincts in a new light through equilibristic body language that merges break dance, modern dance and contemporary circus.

In 7 RUNES, seven fearless “shape shifters” form a clan in a world in which brutal, mysterious and humorous games of love, power and hope unfold.
These are wild warriors whose characteristics are reminiscent of those of the Norse gods, norns who weave human destinies, mythological creatures that are half human and part dragons, snakes and eagles, valkyries and skeletal warriors.

The performance is one of intertwined bodies that form mysterious runes, Viking designs inspired by the Bayeux Tapestry, jewellery designs from the Viking Age and berserk warriors in a martial trance. Inspiration is drawn from the cult movie The Hunger Games, from gladiators, war documentaries and video games.

In 7 RUNES, a fantasy world is created that reaches from the past into the present and on into the future.

The performance features an international team of break dancers, modern dancers and world-class circus artists.


Lene Boel, Next Zone




Public program


Large Stage, Tap E