OPEN CALL for: Aabent Laboratorium – on tour
Choreographic work-in-progress and short works ready to face an audience on tour in DK
Deadline for application is 13 September 2023

Bora Bora, Teater Momentum, Dansehallerne and Aaben Dans are looking for works from choreographers and interdisciplinary movement-based artists who would like to participate in Aabent Laboratorium – on tour.

Aabent Laboratorium is a platform for sharing choreographic work in a professional black box context. Aabent Laboratorium embraces new ideas and new ways of working within the field of choreography.

The on tour-edition of Aabent Laboratorium is a collaboration between four of the bigger institutions within the dance field in Denmark: Bora Bora, Teater Momentum, Dansehallerne and Aaben Dans. Together, the four partners will program the evening and each present it at their venue to ensure that the work is played more and meets a larger and broader audience in Denmark.

We are looking for:
• Short, finished works between 5-25 min.
• Choreographic works-in-progress that are quite far in the process
• The applicants should be based in Denmark

Aabent Laboratorium – on tour will provide:
• A possibility to tour the work in Denmark as part of a shared program
• A fee of 1.500 DKK per person per day for 1 or 2 set up/rehearsal days per venue + 2.500 DKK for 1 performance day per venue
• Local accommodation, domestic travel support, per diems
• Stage, basic technical set up, technicians, PR
• Facilitated peer-to-peer artistic feedback (only in Roskilde)
• Facilitated dialogue with the audience
• Advisory of how to make a tech rider

To apply you must be able to participate in the following program:

  • 9 October: Production meeting at Aaben Dans in Roskilde (or digital)
  • 5 December: Get in at Aaben Dans in Roskilde and rehearsals
  • 6 December: Peer-to-peer showings and feedback at Aaben Dans
  • 7 December: Rehearsal + premiere at Aaben Dans
  • 10 January: Get in at Momentum in Odense and rehearsals
  • 11 January: Rehearsals and performance at Momentum
  • 24 January: Get in at Dansehallerne at Dansekapellet in Copenhagen and rehearsals
  • 25 January: Rehearsals and performance at Dansehallerne at Dansekapellet
  • 29 January: Get in at Bora Bora in Aarhus and rehearsals
  • 30 January: Rehearsals and performance at Bora Bora

How to apply:
• Send a description of the project you would like to show. It is very important to clearly state the duration of the piece and the technical wishes/requirements.
• A video link to documentation of the work or former works.
• A CV + photo of the involved artists.

Please follow the link to apply
Deadline for application is 13 September 2023.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Pernille Møller Taasinge / / +45 2636 0582

We are looking forward to receiving your application!

The context for the open call for Aabent Laboratorium – on tour
Bora Bora, Dansehallerne, Momentum and Aaben Dans have joined forces to establish a new national network for dance and choreography. The purpose of the network is to support the development of the art form and to strengthen choreographers’ ability to produce and present throughout the country. The Bikuben Foundation has granted the four organisations development funds for a pilot project for the network. The pilot project is praxis-based and executed in two phases. In the first phase, the four organizations collaborate to program and tour an on-tour version of the format Aabent Laboratorium, which Aaben Dans has run since 2012. In the second phase, the four organisations will curate a coming national production, which they will co-produce and co-present in 2024. Based on the practical experiences from the pilot project, Bora Bora, Dansehallerne, Momentum and Aaben Dans will develop a future model for the network.

Bikubenfonden (da)