Rodia Vomvolou
Unpacking Dance Dramaturgy

Workshop 1 | Rodia Vomvolou (EL) 

Unpacking Dance Dramaturgy as a Notion and as a Practice

How can we approach a project from the lens of dramaturgy? How can we think and act dramaturgically in a creation process? Having these questions as a starting point, in this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to explore dramaturgy both on a theoretical and on a practical level, through written, oral and practical individual and group tasks. The workshop will touch upon contemporary approaches and notions of dramaturgy and the role of dramaturg. The workshop will also offer practical dramaturgical tools and exercises that activate a dramaturgical dialogue to help reflect upon, to evaluate and eventually to transform creative process through the lens of dramaturgy. At the same time, participants are provided with the space to ponder over thoughts and ideas around the relationship between dramaturgy and choreography. The workshop aims to open different formats where makers can communicate their thoughts, questions or comments in regards to their work and to the work of others in order to gain a different, renewed perspective of one’s own dramaturgical and creative process.

During the workshop participants will:

  • Read and discuss selected texts on dramaturgy and choreography
  • Work on practical dramaturgical tasks
  • Process their own projects from a dramaturgical perspective

The workshop addresses emerging and established dramaturgs, choreographers, makers

and dancers that have a particular interest for creation processes and composition.

Participants are kindly asked to bring the following:

  • A project to work on during the workshop from a dramaturgical point of view (it could be an already finished project, a new idea or a work in progress).
  • There will be refreshments, but please bring your own lunch 
  • Notebook + pen (or any other doodling preferences)
  • Comfortable clothes to move in

About the workshop series on dance dramaturgy

During 2023-24, 6 European dramaturgs are invited to Denmark to facilitate workshops in Copenhagen, Roskilde, Aarhus and Thy.

Through 4 practice-oriented workshops, and with themes such as positionality, feminism, trans-speculative fiction, ecology and exhibition, this workshop series aims to inspire artists in their practice and to contribute to a nuanced discussion on dance dramaturgy in Denmark.

Time and place

19th-22nd of June, 2023 at Aaben Dans, Rabalderstræde 10, 4000 Roskilde

Mon-Thu: 10:30-15:00 (incl. short lunchbreak)


The working language will be English

Accessibility standards

The workshop and space is accessible to participants with physical impairment, but unfortunately not sight or hearing impairment. 

NB! Members of Dansehallerne may receive a 50% reduction on the workshop fee (first come first served). Reserve your spot here.


Rodia Vomvolou


Unpacking Dance Dramaturgy




19.–22.6.2023, 10:30


4 timer og 30 minutter


Rabalderstræde 10, 4000 Roskilde


Photo credit Liner Michal, Vrionides and Georgiou

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