Sanna Blennow
Riding the Waves

Træningen finder sted d. 22.-26. november kl. 09:30-11:00

The class is unplugging from the everyday as we might know it. There will most likely be some self-massage and a guided journey where you can lean in, indulge and expand. Easy, breezy, covergirl, there will be a guided warm up followed by score-based explorations.

The warm up is a gentle deep dive to your inner landscapes with possibilities of ending up elsewhen. The score-based explorations are scratching on the surfaces of my way of working in the studio, dressed up as improvisation.

We will be slowing down, listening up and moving along as we ride the waves of internal flow, shake, roll, gurgle, pour, fold and unfold. Shifting horizons from vertical to horizontal, back to vertical and then chassé away.

Vi opfordrer dig til at fortsætte med at passe på dig selv og hinanden og komme til træning med et gyldigt coronapas.


Sanna Blennow


Riding the Waves




22.–26.11.2021, 09:30


1 time og 30 minutter


FORSØGSSTATIONEN, Sønder Boulevard 81, 1720 København V


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