Anastasija Olescuka
Kreativt Laboratorium

Throughout this week we will reconnect with our inner child and dig into exploration of ourselves, through play and games.
We will work with our bodies, minds, perceptions & expressions. Each day we will focus on different concepts such as tetris, twister, shapes, building sculptures and multitasking. We will look at our past experiences in life as a source of inspiration. Either it’s your favorite anime character, cartoon, a book, your grandmother or a landscape that have made an impact on you, in a certain time of your life. In dance and my artwork, I cherish originality and storytelling, therefore I would like to share applications and tools I used to create my recent productions ANTS 1+1=3 and Part Time Robot. Both carrying messages and intentions. I would like to turn the room into a playground where everyone is welcome to join regardless of any boxes, the power structures of modern society, tries to put us in. The training will include individual work as well as group work and improvisation.

Please bring shoes and kneepads. We might need them.
Also, bring a notebook and a pen.

Anastasija Olescuka viste “Part Time Robot” på New Sh*t Vol 4 5. Marts 2022.
– fra futuristisk chat boxes til spirituel opvågning og drømme om frihed.

Vi opfordrer dig til at fortsætte med at passe på dig selv og hinanden, og vil ikke længere tjekke coronapas på træning, kun jeres billetter;)


Anastasija Olescuka


Kreativt Laboratorium




16.–20.5.2022, 09:45


1 time og 30 minutter


FORSØGSSTATIONEN, Sønder Boulevard 81, 1720 København V


Pictures by: Simone Ballan & Ausra Babiedaite