Nina Wehnert
Contact Improvisation Workshop, Odense

Contact Improvisation (CI)
Sharing body-weight, receiving, rolling, falling, leaning, jumping. In this workshop we will dive into the physicality of CI and explore aspects of improvising together. Nina is especially interested in a meeting through body tissues, following the inner flow, ease, friction, and resistance in relation to the partner. How to receive and give weight and manage directions? How stay open for the myriads options in a dance? How to stay awake in the creative potential of a dance?

Ninas workshop will be highly influenced by her experience of Body-Mind Centering®. We will start with exploring our own body abilities, meeting the fluidity and three-dimensionality of our bodies. With subtle awareness, sensitvity to touch and movement direction we will follow moments of sharing weight and improvisation in the dances. Joy and pleasure of the deep physicality will be in the foreground!

We encourage you to continue looking after yourself & each other and arrive to practice with a valid corona pass.


Nina Wehnert


Contact Improvisation Workshop, Odense




25.9.2021, 12:00


3 timer


Hips Dance Studios, Slotsgade 18b, 5000 Odense